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7 Tips for Planning Your Day
   by Barbara Myers

In order to accomplish something significant during your day try these seven tips:

1.  Look at your schedule for tomorrow and note your available or non-scheduled time.

2.  Think about your priorities for tomorrow.  Is there a project you've been meaning to complete or a pile of paperwork to sort through or a proposal that needs to be written?  Write down your priorities.

3.  Schedule time blocks in your day.  Do like activities together when possible.  Return phone calls together.  Check and respond to emails only at two or three specific times during the day.  Run all errands during one trip out of the office.

4.  Plan for tomorrow at the end of today's work day.  You will know your schedule and your priorities, and your to do's are fresh in your mind.

5.  Schedule loosely.  Leave yourself enough free time to deal with interruptions and emergencies.

6.  Make a daily appointment with yourself for at least 30 minutes.  Close your door.  Work on whatever is most important.

7.  Plan on spending five minutes on something you have been procrastinating.  The most difficult step of any task you've been putting off is the first step.  Generally, once you start, you will not stop after only five minutes.

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